Fitness Friday: Sea lion soccer

Here's a question: If you don't have hands, can you still commit a hand ball when you're playing soccer? No way, everything goes at the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center! And Zoe, the California sea lion, certainly had a blast playing with a soccer ball the other day. Watch her toss, splash and shove the ball all around the exhibit.

It's almost like Zoe was practicing her throw ins, dribbling and passing. This girl knows how to move! Playing games outside is a great way to get exercise, even if you have to kick the soccer ball by yourself.

And here's an interesting tid-bit: If you watched the whole video, you probably heard Baranov, one of the male fur seals, whickering in the background. Males tend to whicker when defending territory or when courting female fur seals during breeding season.

Always something to learn on the Trainers Blog!

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