No first-day jitters for this sea lion

A little while ago we introduced you to the Aquarium's two new sea lion pups. Sierra and Zoe, the California sea lion pups that have moved into the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center, are both playful and energetic (very energetic!), but Sierra is the more adventurous and inquisitive.

Sierra, the California sea lion pup, interacts with a visitor.

When the two sea lion pups were in quarantine, it was always Sierra who would run over to check out whatever new object or toy the trainers brought into the room. On her first full day on exhibit, Sierra remained true to form.

Sierra stayed at the window with these two boys for quite a while.

She played, she checked out everyone who was checking her out, and then, in true young-pup fashion, she slept.

Nap time.

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