#156: Got squid?

Ursula, a Northern fur seal, is always up to something. Here she is stretching on a Fitness Friday, a great start to any New Year's resolution.

Ursula stretching with her trainer on Fitness Friday. (Photo: Ann Cortissoz)

Her latest skill may not be so elegant, or polite. But we're all family here! Here she is helping herself to some squid, lots of squid. (With a little help from her trainer, Belinda, of course!)

Ursula often visits us behind the scenes here in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center. We first saw her sneaking snacks from the fridge while preparing food for the rest of the seals one day. (Find out what else our seals eat here.) We wondered whether it was a fluke, but sure enough, she continues to help herself whenever she's given an opportunity. If her New Year's resolution was to lay off the snacks, it looks like she's not doing so well with that goal!

Fortunately, we have an active bunch. All five of our fur seals get plenty of exercise cruising around their pool, or learning new skills during training sessions. Come by sometime and see for yourself! And in the meantime, good luck with those New Year's resolutions.



  1. That was soooo cute!!!

  2. I <3 how she takes one for the road :)

  3. I got kissed by Ursula!

  4. I love how she looks back to see if the coast is clear. So cute.


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