#104: Flipper Licking Good!


As you can see, each seals' tongue is shaped a little bit differently. Here are a few of the seals that we have trained or are in the process of training the tongue behavior.


  1. Just wanted to ask -- why is it important to have them stick out their tongues? Is it so you can visually check some aspect of health?

    (I'm intrigued that they have sort-of forked tongues -- is there a reason for that?)


  2. The importance of sticking out their tongues is that it's really cute! It also poses a challenge for the trainer to figure out the best way to train it. You'll be able to see the steps and progress of Lana's tongue behavior coming soon in a future post!
    I'm not quite sure about the purpose of a forked tongue but I plan on looking it up soon.


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