#94: Meet Our Teen Intern

Katie playing with Amelia

Hi! My name is Katie. I am an 18-year-old junior at the Boston Arts Academy where I major in theatre. I am a teen intern at the Aquarium. I work in the Marine Mammals Department one day a week for eight hours. My day starts at 8:00 a.m. and I begin by thawing and preparing fish for the four training sessions with the harbor seals. Before the training sessions I am responsible for cutting the fish into small pieces for the seals. After training sessions I assist the trainers with scrubbing fishy buckets and cleaning the seals' exhibit. In the afternoons I have the opportunity to observe and participate in training sessions with Myrtle the green sea turtle.

My favorite part of my job is helping Reggae practice his new kiss behavior. I act as the guinea pig while Lindsay is teaching him to kiss my cheek. Sometimes he misses my cheek and gets the side of my head or my eye. He drools a lot. Check out this video of a recent session I helped out with.

I was given all of these opportunities by the Teen Programs Department at the Aquarium. Teen Programs gives teens a chance to gain more knowledge, learn job skills and interact with animals while meeting great new friends! Click here to learn more about summer internships for teens who live in Boston and Cambridge.



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  1. Katie is an awesome person along with being an awesome marine mammal intern! Being an intern is a dirty job, but still super cool! Thanks for posting


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