#76: All I Want for the Holidays is a Nice Plump Seal

Reggae, a nice plump seal for the holidays. Truthfully, he's plump most days ... Valentine's Day ... Groundhog Day ...

When we have guests on the seal exhibit, visitors often ask, "How can I get close to the seals too?" The answer is ... Check out our Play with the Seals or Trainer for a Morning programs!

Play with the Seals brings guests behind the scenes and on exhibit to give the seals some of their favorite toys.

Trainer for a Morning is a chance to experience what it's like to be a Marine Mammal Trainer here at the aquarium. If you're interested in a career in training or just want to learn more about the animals, this is a terrific program.

If you're looking for that one of a kind gift, our seal programs are perfect. Aquarium gift certificates can be applied toward Play with the Seals or Trainer for a Morning. If you prefer not to get your feet wet, check out our Proud Parent Animal Sponsorship Program.

Happy Holidays,

~ Jenny


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  1. I had the best time yesterday-thanks to the whole team of aquarium biologists- and, of course the seals (and Myrtle)---I really couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday. I learned a lot- it was a very special day-thank you.


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