#64: Greetings from New York!

I recently took a trip to see the fur seals while they spend time at the New York Aquarium (NYAq). The girls are getting settled in with two other female fur seals, Roxie and Taz. Here's a picture of Cordova and Ursula relaxing with their new roommates. This picture was taken soon after Cordova and Ursula had a fun play session of chasing each other underwater. Luckily we were able to catch them on video for all of you to see.




  1. Oh cool! They look so graceful underwater!

  2. aww amazing! looks like they're having fun... we totally need an underwater viewing area =P

  3. Glad to hear they are doing well in their new surroundings!!

  4. I have been wondering about my sweet fur seals! Thanks for the update!


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