#61: Lobster Spa Treatment

Chewie, the 17-pound lobster living in the harbor seal exhibit, needs regular check-ups just like everyone else. You might find that his check ups seem more like a day at the spa than a doctor's visit.

Full Body Scrub: People pay big dollars for an algae wrap at a spa. Chewie's treatment is just the opposite. I gently remove any algae with a soft sponge. We use his shell appearance to help determine his overall health.

Manicure/Pedicure: With the help of our head veterinarian, Dr. Smolowitz, we are taking a closer look at the condition of Chewie's shell, especially on his claws. Having a strong, healthy shell will ensure that Chewie stays strong and healthy himself.

If you're thinking that Chewie's next stop is the "steam room," get that idea out of your head right now!

All that's left to do is book a follow-up appointment!




  1. Steam room! Too funny!!!!

    that's sick.

  2. Hoping Chewie's checkup was all good news and he will be part of the exhibit for a long time to come!


  3. I am thinking Chewie was OK with NOT have a trip to the steam room!!! :-)

    I swear you have THE coolest job!!!


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