#2: Channel 7 Visit

Good afternoon everybody,
My name is Patty and I am one of the marine mammal trainers at the New England Aquarium! We had a very exciting morning at our northern fur seal exhibit today. Dylan Dreyer from Channel 7 News filmed her "Where in
New England?" segment with us! Cordova and Ursula, two of our seals, were featured throughout the news showing off their talents and doing behaviors with Dylan. The animals did an amazing job, especially having to wake up at 5 am! They were superstars through the two hours of filming and never seemed to mind the large camera and lighting that was set up. Great job girls!



  1. Man, they do not look happy to be up this early!

  2. My mom saw this on TV!

    She sed they looked great and that the reporter wuz excited :)

    THey should always to the weather like that.


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